The ROAR Programme



When we understand at a deeper level where this comes from and how we can learn from these as lessons, we become stronger, reclaiming back the parts of ourselves we shut off or gave away. 

This is the GOLD, this is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!


I created ROAR from my desire to work in a way that is Soulful, Radiant and Raw…

At the heart of this programme is a deep healing technique (identifying the root cause and removing it) and powerful life changing processes for healing.

I will help you understand why you’re here, your talents, your challenges and your Soul’s Purpose, it is an amazing tool to help you understand what it was you were born to do.


We focus on healing, empowerment and claiming back power. We heal the past, live in the present and plan the future.

This programme has been developed using a variety of coaching and healing* techniques, ensuring each session is unique to your needs.

It has been designed to help you identify and address blocks often held in the unconscious mind; we unwrap the stories and find what trigger has been holding you back. ​

Coaching programmes can be really helpful, but the ROAR Programme addresses directly into the subconscious. This is more than a Coaching Programme, I have been working with many women who have experienced a lot of pain and hurt at the end of a relationship, more than just a normal break-up. I have also be working with women who have experienced very similar emotions and had to change their jobs or careers.

These Toxic Relationships can be crippling and the sense of loss devastating!

The Emotional Trauma is held in the body, the person is stuck in and can't move forward in any area of their life. 


The constant questioning of 'what happened' or 'what did I do wrong' is paralysing, the brain shuts down and you can barely function; cognitive dissonance plays a huge part in this. 

I believe once you understand the cycle these relationships take, you realise you weren't to blame!

I have decided to redesign my programme, for women who are healing from Emotional Trauma.


I felt, as the Universe was sending them to me, perhaps I need to be offering something specific for their needs. 

Unlike physical abuse, Emotional Trauma goes under the radar; it is not until you find yourself at the end of a relationship you discover the truth. 

It is like a slow dripping tap...

For some women, they find they hang on longer than they should; because, just like a slot machine they have invested so much in their relationship they feel, the next coin just might bring them the big win they were promised. 

I have worked with women who have had to give up great jobs to flee the abuse they were receiving, finding colleagues closing ranks to protect themselves or what was happening was going unnoticed or unchallenged. 

They are left with the trauma in their bodies and living in survival mode. These women have been left confused, lost, with a lot of unanswered questions and believing they were at fault.

The Emotional Trauma is held in the body you can't move forward in any area of your life. 

Toxic Relationships can be crippling and the sense of loss devastating!

The ROAR Programme

This is a bespoke programme for your needs; in each intensive session we will discuss where you are now and where you would like to be. We can put together a strategy of how to get there and if appropriate deal with any barriers that are getting in your way.

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

  • Was this my fault?

  • How can I heal* my trauma?

  • Who would benefit if I lived my dream?

  • Would it change someone's life or change the face of the world or perhaps I just want to share my love?

  • If I were to die tomorrow what dies with me?

  • What are you waiting for, what is holding you back from taking the first step?​ ​

Are you ready to:

  • change your life?

  • discover living a more fulfilling life, that life deep down I know I'm are supposed to be living?

  • do the deep inner healing, and I have decided now is the right time to make a commitment and invest in me!

​We start with the ROAR Masterplan which helps us get a better understanding of you and your needs for the programme and lays the foundations for the next few months.


Over the course of the 3 months you will work with me on my unique programmes:

Each session will include a deep clearing of any blocks holding you back.

The Responsibility Check-up will help you understand where the trauma and pain you are feeling comes from. When you leave a toxic relationship, you may have these overwhelming emotions that it was all your fault. This is about helping you understand the role you played in the relationship and understanding this wasn't your fault. Blame and projection can cause deep hurt and bring up fear. Women I have worked with found this so freeing; this isn't about placing the blame on anyone, it is understanding at a deeper level what was going on. I have worked with Women who have given up corporate careers, believing they weren't good enough! Women coming out of relationships questioning what they did wrong, if only they had said and did something else... When we understand at a deeper level where this comes from and how we can learn from these as lessons, we become stronger, reclaiming back the parts of ourselves we shut off or gave away. 

The Ownership Generator will help you step in to your power, we get a deeper understanding of who you are and who you want to be, it is never too late to start living. We look at the challenges you have had in your life and we discover what your talents are. You will receive an intuitive Soul Plan Reading enabling you to discover why you are here and what mark you came to leave in this world. This will help you create strong foundations, with a sense of clarity and direction.

The Acknowledgement Process enables you to understand your journey so far. It helps you do the deep inner healing* you desire and to step in to your power.

The Realignment Programme helps you create your life, the way you were born to live it



I use a variety of techniques during the coaching sessions if I feel there is a need to clear any trauma. 


I have included an extra session in this programme, with coaching you can start to see big shifts just after 3 months. The last session will be a catch-up session during month 4 - we can address any areas were more clarity is needed and get focussed on where you are going and keeping you on track.



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