Toxic Relationships can be crippling and the sense of loss devastating!

Leaving Emotional Trauma held in the body not allowing you to move forward in any area of your life. 

This is the GOLD 

This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!



This type of pain sadly won't just go away...

It does get easier to deal with the pain for some but it is always there unless you deal with it. 

Some women wait years, believing the feeling will go away or that it has gone, only to realise that it has affected every relationship they have ever had.

For some, they become ill and the illness becomes their crutch.

Others never deal with it. 

You may believe by leaving an emotionally abusive relationship you have healed, the reality is, once you are out of it this is just the beginning... AND this is why people go back, it feels safer in the relationship than out of it.

The truth is, this is where the healing REALLY starts.

At the heart of my coaching is a deep healing technique (identifying the ROOT CAUSE and removing it) and powerful life-changing processes for healing.

I will help you understand why you’re here, your talents, your challenges and your SOUL'S PURPOSE, it is an amazing tool to help you understand what it was you were born to do.

Awareness Recovery Thriving

are key to your recovery

We focus on HEALING, EMPOWERMENT and claiming back your POWER. 

We heal the past, live in the present and plan the future.

Each session is unique to your needs.

​I have designed it to help you identify and address the blocks often held in the unconscious mind; we unwrap the stories and find what has been holding you back. ​

These Toxic Relationships are crippling and the sense of loss devastating!

It leaves Emotional Trauma in the body, and you may feel stuck unable to move forward in any area of your life. 

Constantly questioning of 'what happened' or 'what did I do wrong' is paralysing, the brain shuts down and you can barely function. Being stuck in a debilitating cycle of questioning and doubting yourself - "IF ONLY I HAD SAID… IF ONLY I HADN'T SAID… MAYBE IF I HAD DONE… MAYBE IF I HADN'T DONE…"  thinking it is all your fault.

I believe once you understand the cycle these relationships take, you realise you weren't to blame! This is why I decided to design the programme, to help women heal from Emotional Trauma.


I had been working with clients and each one had experienced emotional abuse; as the Universe was sending them to me, I felt I needed to be offering something specific for their needs. 

Unlike Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse goes under the radar; it is not until you find yourself at the end of a relationship you discover the truth. 

It is like a slow dripping tap...

For some women, they find they hang on longer than they should; because, just like a slot machine they have invested so much in their relationship they feel, the next coin just might bring them the big win they were promised. 

I have worked with women who have had to give up great jobs to flee the abuse they were receiving, finding colleagues closing ranks to protect themselves or what was happening was going unnoticed or unchallenged. 

They are left with the trauma in their bodies and living in survival mode. These women have been left confused, lost, with a lot of unanswered questions and believing they were at fault.

Each unique session we put together a strategy for healing and transformation, preparing you to align with your SOUL PURPOSE.

I use a variety of techniques during the coaching sessions if I feel there is a need to clear any trauma. 

I have included an extra session in this programme, with coaching you can start to see big shifts just after 3 months. The last session will be a catch-up session during month 4 - we can address any areas were more clarity is needed and get focussed on where you are going and keeping you on track.


I want you to get the support you need and if private coaching is too much for your budget right now, there are a few other options to help you.
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