The fear you are feeling; I have felt my own version of it...

Break free finally!

You need to heal the wounds fully to be finally free!

Travel saved me! 

You are ready!

Perhaps you are still feeling the trauma...​​

Toxic Relationships are traumatic! 

Emotional Trauma is held in the body, the person is stuck in and can't move forward in any area of their life. I remember being at rock bottom, I have lost everything, including my home. 

Travelling saved me! 

Maybe it was having something to focus on, or perhaps it was not having to look over my shoulder; very probably it was not having to wear the mask of I'm OK. 

Perhaps you are ready to heal the wounds...

The constant questioning of 'what happened' or 'what did I do wrong' is paralysing, the brain shuts down and you can barely function; cognitive dissonance plays a huge part in this. 

I believe that once you understand the cycle these relationships take, you realise you weren't to blame!

I know what it is like to lose everything; the past, the present and the future...

It's time to re-write the past and let go of what no longer serves you  • It's time to connect with your soul find your purpose  • It's time to reconnect and feel whole again

Through meditation and workshops we will work with our own inner guidance system the one your were born with and knows what it best for you.

Through meditation we can discover and reclaim the parts of us that are missing; it is your right to be whole!

Now is the time to re-write all the wrongs of your past and create a beautiful new story with you as the leading character! 

Each day we focus on healing, empowerment and claiming back power.

We heal the past, live in the present and plan the future. A real one!



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