It can be a hard decision deciding which coach will be the right one for you. I offer a 60 minute complimentary coaching call for people who are ready to invest in themselves and want to align to the life they know, deep down, they are meant to live.
How to apply:

In this complimentary intensive session, we will discuss where you are now and where you would like to be.

We can put together a strategy of how to get there and, if appropriate, deal with any barriers that are getting in your way.


Are you asking yourself the following questions?

  • Was this my fault?

  • Who would benefit if I lived my dream?

  • Would it change someone's life or change the face of the world or perhaps I just want to share my love?

  • If I were to die tomorrow what dies with me?

  • How can I heal my trauma?

  • What are you waiting for, what is holding you back from taking the first step?​ ​

  • I'd love to discover living a more fulfilling life, that life, deep down, I know I'm are supposed to be living.

  • I'm ready to do the deep inner healing*, and I have decided now is the right time to make a commitment and invest in me!

Revive Your Soul attracts people who are open to personal development and self discovery, individuals who ​have the desire to make a positive impact in the world, aligning to their "SOUL PURPOSE". This is a great opportunity for you to discover more about your direction. 


Now is the time for transformation, are you ready? If you are ready to create a life with passion, click on the 'Apply Now' button and enter your details in the form to apply for one of these complimentary intensives. Limited slots available.

*When I use the word healing it is used to describe how the body and mind react - I do not heal people. I use the analogy of having a cut, you don't go to the doctor to have it sewn up, your body knows how to heal that wounds and it knows how to bring itself back into alignment given the right tools. 



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