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Finding Lily - Elizabeth Goddard
2016 was a year 9, a year of endings...
When I landed in Greece for 5 weeks in July 2016, I didn't really know this was going to happen, and I am not sure I thought I would be at the place I am at the moment; in fact I know I didn't know it!
As I settled in the room which was to become home for the few weeks I was there, I sat down on the bed and over three days it just came from out from my Soul... 
It was if my Soul needed to let out all the pain and trauma that had been locked away for many many years.
I started on paper and wrote everything single detail down and I kept telling myself this is for me, no one else will see this, all the crap came out and I knew it was safe to let it out. 
It sat there on my laptop for a further 7 months, speaking to me, I added pages and then deleted  them, as it needed to be in the raw form it started, it didn't need to be added to, and it didn't need any justification. To get it this point of publication I had help and the series of events leading up to that, looking back was amazing... To get me to the point of letting go, again was working with some amazing people who unwittingly helped me, I have thanked them individually in a blog. Some things are just meant to be...
This short story is of Love • Loss • Trauma • Healing
This is a story of finding the diamond! 
This is the work I love doing with clients, simply because I know how deep the pain can run, from any traumatic event. And when working with clients I know a lot of these wounds are triggered by events held deep from our childhood. 
Finding Lily is written as fiction but based on a true story as I remember it. 
I believe there are two sides to any story; my side, your side and then what actually happened...
This is my story, trying to piece together and heal an event that happened to me many years ago. By stepping back and viewing from the outside looking in you can see more but that is easy to do when you are not in it, feeling that raw emotion!
I truly believe the way to fully heal is and feel complete is to go in deep and feel that emotion; by ignoring it or pretending it didn't happen is like putting a plaster over a wound and hoping it will heal. 
We live in a Theta state which is a hypnotic state for the first 7 to 8 years of our lives, this is why it is crucial you pay attention to the words you use with your children. 
Now is the time to heal the wounds - it doesn't have to be painful and it is so empowering.
And so she is birthed...



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