The 3 hour Intensive Session

I have developed this Session using a variety of coaching and *healing techniques.

​It has been designed to help you to give you clarity and healing; we unwrap the stories and find what trigger has been holding you back. ​

This Coaching Session is really helpful in addressing your needs right now.

ROAR Session

This is an intensive session were we will discuss where you are now and what you would like to address. We can put together a strategy of how to get there.

I decided to designed this 3 hour Intensive Session, for women who are healing from Emotional Trauma. This could be through either romantic and work relationships.

I felt as the Universe was sending them to me perhaps I need to be offering something specific for their needs. 

Unlike physical abuse, Emotional Trauma goes under the radar; it is not until you find yourself at the end of a relationship you discover the truth. 

It is like a slow dripping tap...

For some women, they find they hang on longer than they should; because just like a slot machine the have invested so much in their relationship they feel, the next coin just might bring them the big win they were promised. 

I have worked with women who have had to give up great jobs to flee the abuse they were receiving, finding colleagues closing ranks to protect themselves or what was happening was going unnoticed or unchallenged. 

They are left with the trauma in their bodies and living in survival mode. These women have been left confused, lost, with a lot of unanswered questions and believing they were at fault.

I put together this Coaching Intensive which includes a Soul Plan Reading, Core Issue Therapy and a Deep Coaching Session to help you understand why you have been attracting these relationships, to clear and remove the original wounds and how help you discover how you can move forward.


The ​session will include a deep clearing of any blocks holding you back.

Understanding the patterns in your life.

Working with me on a 1-2-1 basis via Skype for 3 hours will help you clear the blockages and align you to whatever it is you need at the time.

Find direction • Align with your Purpose • Clear any blockages holding you back • Give you a clearer understanding of what you want from life • Give your life a SOUL PURPOSE

But the main purpose is *healing the Trauma!

*When I use the word healing it is used to describe how the body and mind react - I do not heal people. I use the analogy of having a cut, you don't go to the doctor to have it sewn up, your body knows how to heal that wounds and it knows how to bring itself back in to alignment given the right tools. 



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