Reiki 1

For many years when I was working as a therapist, and before I became a Master Teacher, when people spoke to me about learning a therapy I would always say ‘start with Reiki’.

My journey started in 1999... and it was a wonderful stepping stone in to other therapies; and it is the only therapy that I am still using today.

For me it has evolved so much and I am able to incorporate it in to so many areas of my work.

It’s such a beautiful, gentle energy that works by balancing our energy systems: physical | mental | emotional | spiritual allowing our body’s own natural ability to heal. If you cut yourself you don’t go to the doctors to get a few stitches: your body has the ability to heal itself!

​Reiki I (also known as First Degree or Shoden) is suitable for everyone.

By joining me on a 1 day course you will understand the foundation of Reiki, giving you an introduction to the philosophy, history, and theory. I believe we learn better if it is fun, so we play loads of games; I include many practical exercises to help boost your confidence using Reiki.

During the day we will learn Meditation techniques; and work with the Chakra System. We will clear any blockages held in the body, encouraging your energy to flow. I will who you different ways of protecting yourself from energy vampires. And we will practise on each other, experiencing how energy really works.

Why not join for the next one?