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Every Emotion you are feeling, I have felt my own version of it...

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​​This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS!

This type of pain sadly won't just go away... 

AND these relationships just keep giving, TRAUMA BONDS, ADRENAL FATIGUE,  COMPLEX - PTSD​

You may believe by leaving an emotionally abusive relationship you have healed, the reality is, once you are out of it this is just the beginning... AND this is why people go back, it feels safer being in the relationship than out of it.

Toxic Relationships are traumatic! ​

Emotional Trauma is held in the body, the person is stuck in and can't move forward in any area of their life. I remember being at rock bottom, I had lost everything, including my home. 


You might have thought the hardest bit was over, recovering from the ending of the relationship, and just when you are starting to pull your life back together you then realised you have to go through the divorce process.

now that my book the A to Z of Emotional Abuse has been published I am updating my courses and workshops

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I want you to get the support you need and if private coaching is too much for your budget right now, there are a few other options to help you. The Divorce Sanctuary • Workshops • YouTube • Blog

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