Heal The Original Wound | be finally free!

Every Emotion you are feeling, I have felt my own version of it...

Every Emotion you are feeling, I have felt my own version of it...

Every emotion you are feeling; I have felt my own version of it...

Break Free!

You need to heal the wounds fully to be finally free!

All those answers you need; I was seeking my own version of them...


Perhaps you are ready to heal the wounds...​​

Toxic Relationships can be crippling and the sense of loss devastating!

Emotional Trauma is held in the body, the person is stuck in and can't move forward in any area of their life. 

The constant questioning of 'what happened' or 'what did I do wrong' is paralysing, the brain shuts down and you can barely function; cognitive dissonance plays a huge part in this. 

I believe once you understand the cycle these relationships take, you realise you weren't to blame!


All that confusion you feel; I felt the same...

Name, Title

You are ready!

Perhaps you are ready to heal the wounds...​​

Unlike physical abuse, Emotional Trauma goes under the radar; it is not until you find yourself at the end of a relationship you discover the truth. 

It is like a slow dripping tap...

For some women, they find they hang on longer than they should; because, just like a slot machine they have invested so much in their relationship they feel, the next coin just might bring them the big win they were promised.

I have worked with women who have had to give up great jobs to flee the abuse they were receiving, finding colleagues closing ranks to protect themselves or what was happening was going unnoticed or unchallenged. 

They are left with the trauma in their bodies and living in survival mode. These women have been left confused, lost, with a lot of unanswered questions and believing they were at fault.

​ ​​



When we understand at a deeper level where this comes from and how we can learn from these as lessons, we become stronger, reclaiming back the parts of ourselves we shut off or gave away. 



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